Hearted Visit to Yoshi

He is a flickering candle of a musician brushing up against fame over and over again in a career now spanning six decades, only to have a chance at lasting celebrity nearly extinguised by critical insult, bad business deals and the vagaries of audiences who could never decide what to make of “Little” Jimmy Scott.

Now in his mid eighties,Moncler Outlet the pencil thin vocalist with the iconic and high pitched contralto voice that made him a favorite of legends like Billie Holiday and Nancy Wilson is back on top. Kicking off a two night stand Wednesday at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, Scott shared with a nearly full house precisely the heartbreaking tone and charmed styling that first brought him to national prominence with the Lionel Hampton Band in the late 1940s.

It was that nearly angelic voice that first got him gigs as a teenager in clubs around his native Cleveland, sneaking out before the cops showed up, and that later got him with work with jazz greats from Lester Young to Ben Webster to Papa Jo Jones. And it flickering as beautifully as ever this week at Yoshi in San Francisco.

Wheeled out in a wheelchair by his wife, Jeanie, Scott treated his adoring crowd with a little over an hour worth of standards that the vocalist has given his personal touch to over the years from an opening Skies to of Mine to from Heaven. to find his voice, Scott wandered the upper and lower tonal reaches, straining to hit the right notes to a point where it seemed as if a younger Scott were trapped inside the body of this frail octagenarian. And yet, the power and magic of his voice, however weakened by time, was still there, with that cool sense of timing and that deep affection for vocal styling that always set him apart.

It was a strange but moving experience to hear this musical legend telling stories in song, smiling and nodding his head to the solos of his band members, waving his hands like a conductor, exuding a contagious sense of hope and love.

And when he repeated over and over the title refrain from I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Scott, who lost his mother to a drunk driver when he was 13, had the room in the palm of his hand. And just when you wanted to cry, he and his band took the song out in a lush crescendo, then beamed at his audience with a smile that knew no end. at Yoshi SF. Catch him while you can. Little Jimmy a huge treasure to behold.

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I hardly leave a response, however i did a few searching and wound up here Little Jimmy Scott Big Hearted Visit to Yoshi SF A+E Interactive. And I do have a couple of questions for you if it allright. Is it simply me or does it appear like a few of these comments come across like left by brain dead individuals? And, if you are posting at other online sites, I would like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Could you make a list of every one of all your community pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

With a Little Help from Their Friends

In 1991, Andrew D. Seidel, WG’90, took a position with an obscure water treatment company in Southern California. Not long before his arrival, the company had been known as American Toxxic Control Inc., a name as unappealing as its spelling was peculiar. Plus, it had been in bankruptcy.

However, Seidel and other members of the company’s new executive team saw tremendous opportunities for growth and consolidation in the water business and set out to improve the firm’s fortunes. “The name was the first thing to go,” Seidel recalls.wholesale nfl jerseys from china Filter Corp. and new leadership, the company embarked on an ambitious acquisition campaign. Many of the acquired firms were what Seidel calls “corporate orphans,” subsidiaries put up for sale by their parent companies due to lackluster profits. Filter also had to move fast to hire people to manage its new holdings. Hence, an acquisition program of another sort followed.

Seidel started recruiting fellow alumni. Filter. They were Frank Firsching and Benjamin Rand, both of them classmates of Seidel’s, along with Robert Joyce, WG’91, Jeffrey Quigley, WG’89, Bruce Beavis, WG’88, and Anthony Horvat, WEMBA’89.

“We were looking for talent,” says Seidel. “The easiest thing to do is call people you know.”

Many of the 750 students who graduate from the MBA program each year, as well as approximately 100 WEMBA graduates, fan out in different directions after the diplomas are conferred and never cross paths again. But others some right away, some years later decide to build on their school days’ relationships by starting companies from scratch or, like Seidel and his colleagues, by joining forces to help an existing small firm grow. Call it the buddy system, or networking or just plain common sense, but alumni who’ve done it educators, a restaurateur, hedge fund managers and others say it’s an arrangement that can be professionally beneficial and personally rewarding.

“The reason we went back to Wharton and Deloitte Touche was trust,” says Seidel, whose company has made about 130 acquisitions in the past seven years. “When you’re growing this fast, you can’t worry about politics and all this corporate stuff that goes on in companies. We all knew each other and I knew they’d give 110 percent if they had to.”

Today, Seidel and his fellow alumni comprise the core management team of the Palm Desert, Calif. based firm, the world’s fastest growing water and wastewater treatment company. Filter had an annual revenue run rate of more than $4.5 billion, and in 1997 was featured for the third year in a row as one of Fortune magazine’s 100 fastest growing companies. When Seidel joined the company, it had just $17 million in revenue. Filter’s Wastewater Management Group. “Everybody has been heavily incented by stock options. And there’s trust. No one person is going to do anything to damage the performance, reputation or future of the other person. You need that to get through a high growth company where there are very few rules and the rules change as you go.”

On Fridays during their second year in the MBA program, Bradley H. Cary, WG’89, and A. Pendleton DuPuis, WG’89, often played golf. It was a time when they could talk about business and the future. Cary and DuPuis had known each other for years both attended Hampden Sydney College in Virginia but they didn’t become really close until their time at Wharton.

DuPuis majored in entrepreneurial management, Cary in marketing. During their strolls along fairways and greens, DuPuis continually tried to talk Cary into doing something entrepreneurial. “Eventually, I broke down and we decided we’d start something or buy something,” Cary says. “Through a series of odd coincidences we came upon this business that was run by a husband and wife who had started it 12 years earlier. It was the right size and we could afford it considering neither of us had any money.”

Just one month after graduation, Cary and DuPuis bought the assets of the Center for International Business and Travel, now formally known as CIBT Inc., and became president and executive vice president, respectively. Previously, the firm specialized in obtaining passports and visas for the leisure travel market. But DuPuis and Cary decided on a new focus that they felt offered much greater growth potential providing visa and passport processing services for corporations.

CIBT, which has since branched out into related corporate services, now serves more than half the companies in the Fortune 100 and has been ranked in the Inc. 500 the last three years. In addition to its headquarters in McLean, Va., CIBT has offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington. It has grown from six employees and annual sales of $400,000 to 105 employees and sales of just over $12 million.

“At the time we came into the industry, I believe the largest firm had about 20 employees,” Cary says. “There’s been a consolidation, and we’re two to three times larger than the next largest company.”

Cary and DuPuis bring different talents and temperaments to the business. DuPuis, who used to build flight simulators for an aerospace company, handles sales, account management and the financial and accounting department; Cary, who formerly worked in product management for a regional bank in Richmond, oversees management information systems and all operations. They make joint decisions on major issues, but each takes care of his own areas day to day.

Cary uses a golf analogy to illustrate his point: DuPuis usually slices the ball, while Cary is prone to hooking it. Each player eventually arrives at his ultimate destination, the middle of the fairway, but from a different direction.

Despite their differences, Cary says he and DuPuis are able to make decisions quickly, which they believe is essential for entrepreneurs. “The key for us is we have complementary skills. Without that, it might have proven difficult to work together.”

CIBT was slow in getting off the ground. “We thought we could come in and immediately grow,” Cary says, “but the reality was we had to learn the business and learn the market and establish the right strategy. Since then, we have completely outpaced even our most optimistic expectations for the growth of the company.”

Sometimes the decision to start a business with fellow alumni takes place after graduation. Four of the firm’s principals are Wharton graduates: Bruce S. Darringer, W’91, chief operating officer and general counsel; Ross L. Stevens, W’91, managing principal and chief executive officer; Andrew K. Tsai, W’93, chief investment officer, and Stephen R. Warren, W’93, chief financial officer.

The fund, which holds more than 450 positions, is highly diversified, with investments in stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities in more than 20 countries. Its objective is to produce consistently high risk adjusted returns that exhibit low correlation with major market indices and traditional portfolios.

“Our edge is in exploiting an extremely large number of small inefficiencies in contrast to a more common approach of exploiting a small number of large inefficiencies,” says Darringer, an attorney and derivatives specialist.

From its establishment on July 1, 1997, through Jan. 31, 1998, the fund posted a net return of 28.1 percent, compared with 11.3 percent for the Standard Poor’s 500 index. During that period, the fund had a negative 0.24 correlation with the S 500. As of Feb. 1, 1998, total assets under management exceeded $160 million, according to the firm.

It was Stevens, armed with a PhD in finance from the University of Chicago, who developed the idea for the fund. At the time, he was working at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. He enjoyed his responsibilities there, but after kicking around the idea with Darringer, his best friend, Stevens decided in early 1997 that the kind of innovative fund he wanted to launch was best done in a “boutique environment.”

Stevens then talked to Warren, a colleague at Goldman Sachs. Warren, in turn, suggested Stevens talk to Tsai, who was at Lehman Brothers. A fifth non Wharton partner, Frederick W. Tausch, was brought on board to be director of technology. Stevens says it wasn’t easy for the principals to decide to start the firm because each already “had a clear cut career path. This was an uncomfortable decision to make.”

Darringer describes Stevens as “the center of the wheel trying to pull in the team. . . We realized it would be great to take a chance at this point in our lives and try and make history by building something from scratch.”

Another company launched by Wharton alumni in 1997 was PriceScan of Bryn Mawr, Pa. The privately held firm was founded by David Cost, W’85, a former consultant in management information systems, and Jeffrey J. Trester, who received a PhD from Wharton in 1993.

Cost is president and CEO. Trester is director and an “angel investor” (an early stage venture capitalist) in Price Scan. He also is founder of Jeffrey J. Trester Company, an investment advisory firm whose practice includes venture consulting, and a senior research fellow at Wharton’s Financial Institutions Center.

PriceScan is a free, Internet based service that offers comparative price and product information on computer hardware, software and supplies. In short, it helps shoppers find the items they want at the best price. Instead of spending hours poring over magazine and newspaper ads, people can tap into PriceScan and get the information they need in a matter of minutes.

For instance, a consumer may be interested in a personal computer but doesn’t know what make and model he or she wants. But let’s say the consumer does know that the PC has to have certain features, like a Pentium II processor, 32MB of RAM and a built in modem. By entering these features into PriceScan, the prospective buyer will get a list of products, sorted by price, that satisfies these specifications. PriceScan also provides a list of vendors selling the product.

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If that result holds up, Sinema would become the first member of Congress to identify herself as bisexual. Sinema, who was raised a Mormon, also describes herself as a nontheist. It looks like she will replace Stark as the only openly atheist in Congress.4.

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2. Tracey Ullman. One of the most recent celebrities to be spotted getting attention for her vintage clothing is Tracey Ullman. Her intervention sent biotech stocks tumbling, and by Tuesday evening appeared to have prompted a partial climbdown. In an interview with NBC News, Mr Shkreli said Turing would lower the drug price to a level where it would make only a small profit but declined to give further details. In an ironic twist, Mr Shkreli is a former hedge fund manager who used to profit from betting that the stocks of biotechnology groups would fall, although he has never managed to move markets in such a dramatic manner before..

Hotels have discovered a revenue making relative to the minibar: the hotel pantry. Located in lobby areas, usually near check in desks, they are repositories of snacks and supplies that you can pay for/put on your bill at the time of purchase. Open 24/7, they stock everything from frozen mac and cheese dinners to microwaveable popcorn to chips, sodas, aspirin and travel sized items from toothpaste to shaving cream.

It most often involves a situation where they have no choice but to obey my wishes. The threat of blackmail is a very popular theme. For example, you are caught stealing my lingerie from a laundry room or clothesline and I threaten to call the police.

Wednesday, March 25 at the Cole Haan store in the Village of Merrick Park. Why is she there? Because she is the face of Cole Haan Sporting, the new Spring 2009 collection. And what other reason is there to go? While you are there, you can register to win tickets to the Sony Ericsson Open (March 25 April 5)80 percent off designer shoes at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

If you’ve ever shopped in a department store, you’re familiar with “store inception,” or stores within a store. Just browsing the aisles of a Macy’s, you’re likely to see dedicated sections for Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and more. Despite the fact that these sections exist within the walls of a retail giant, the personalized look and feel of each brand still remains.

Sind Sie ein Cyberchondriac?

Ich denke, jeder ist schuldig, in ein paar Symptome zu schreiben ‘Dr. Google’ für eine Diagnose. Aber was ist, wenn die Diagnose, die Sie erhalten, ist etwas lebensbedrohlich?

Die Daily Mail interviewte Dr. Thomas Fegus von der Baylor University in Texas über den Aufstieg der ‘Cyberchondria’

Der Artikel diskutiert die jüngsten Ergebnisse in der Zeitschrift Cyberpsychology,Jacke Moncler Herren Behavior und Social Networking veröffentlicht, die Cyberchondria als ein Teufelskreis zur Aufrechterhaltung von Angst und Leiden beschreibt.

Er sagt Cyberchondria ist oft schädlicher als Hypochondrie, wegen der extremen Natur einer Menge des Materials da draußen.

‘Wenn ich einen Aufstellungsort über traumatische Gehirnverletzungen sehe und Schwierigkeiten habe, Ungewißheit zu tolerieren, könnte ich eher Sorgen machen, dass das die Ursache des Stoßes auf meinem Kopf ist,’ Dr. Fergus sagt.

Der Guardian sagt, dass das Internet hat nicht nur diagnostisches Material zugänglicher gemacht, sondern ‘einige seiner Mitarbeiter machen eine erstaunliche Menge an Geld aus erodieren Menschen’ Vertrauen in medizinische Fachleute ‘.

Ironischerweise enthüllte der Wächter, dass es Websites, die alles, was die Daily Mail behauptet hat, Ihnen Krebs zusammensetzt.

Anorak ist eine jener Aufstellungsorte, in denen Krebsgeschichtengeschichten von der Post auflisten, wie: Kerze beleuchtete Abendessen, Konserven, linke Händigkeit die Liste geht weiter.

Also vielleicht ist die Medien ist teilweise verantwortlich für die Verbreitung dieser ‘Cyberchondria’?

Mein Partner ist darauf gefallen. Oft, wenn er krank ist, werde ich nach Hause kommen, um die Flut von neuen Krankheiten, die er glaubt, dass er leidet. Von Darmkrebs zu Appendizitis.

Ich denke, die Menschen sollten vorsichtigere Menschen ‘google’ ihre Symptome, vor allem, wenn sie es tun, anstatt an den Arzt gehen, likethis Fall vor ein paar Wochen.Wenn der Mann etwas zu jemand gesagt hatte, oder rief einen Krankenwagen, er Kann von gelebt!

Der Guardian macht einen ausgezeichneten Punkt und sagt, dass der Erfolg von Publikationen wie dem Daily Mail beweisen, dass Scaremongering verkauft und die Medien machen einen guten Job der Ernährung der Öffentlichkeit ‘s Paranoia über ihre Gesundheit.

Tägliche Post, Diagnose, Arzt, Angst, Angst mongering, Wächter, Gesundheit, Hypercondria, Nachrichten

Veröffentlicht unter: Blogging, Multimedia journalism

Datierung: 11. Oktober 2013

Als jemand, der dies auf der reg tut, stimme ich mit Ihnen. Ich sollte aufhören! Um gerecht zu mir selbst aber, wird mein Selbstdiagnose normalerweise mit einem Telefonanruf zur nächsten 24 Stunden Klinik oder zum schlechtesten Fall, die Unfallstation nachgefolgt. Was für mich vielleicht peinlicher ist (wenn das auf dem Hals entpuppt sich als bloße Wunde oder das Blut, das ich huste, bedeutet nicht, dass ich die 14thC-Krankheit bekommen habe, die Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge getötet hat), aber ich fühle mich danach besser . Ohne das Internet, ich nur eine einfache alte hypercondriac, und ich finde, dass ein Cybercondriac macht mich Kontakt Ärzte mehr, nicht weniger. Getting irgendeine Art von Qualifikation aus dem Internet ist mein Stichwort auf den doc, um die Phantasie in seinen Tracks zu stoppen.

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Red Ribbon Sale from Carlisle Auction Mart From The Westmorland Gazette

The first edition of the Red Ribbon sale held at UK Dairy Day was a resounding success topping at 20,000, a new Jersey breed record price was set at 11,000 and the overall average was an impressive 6048. The sale featured some very classy lots and in keeping with the sale name many of the consignments had been winners at major shows or had the potential to be in the future.

The star lot in the sale was Sterndale Atwood Noel consigned by WJ Nadin Co from Derbyshire, she was an All Britain winner in 2014 after winning the Junior two year class at UK Dairy Expo and the Western Holstein Spring Show. Cheap Jerseys china Noel was one of the favourites to do well in the build up to UK Dairy Day and she did not disappoint placing second in the Senior three year class and Honourable Mention Senior Champion. She was purchased by Elite Street Genetics, Co Cork, Rep. of Ireland for 20,000.

Smashing the Jersey Breed record price was Bluegrass Vindications Harp selling for 11,000 to the Fleming Family from the Potterswalls herd, John Henning and Keith Agnew Northern Ireland. She was consigned by James Doherty and Stephanie Whittaker from Shropshire and was one of the best Jerseys to ever sell at public auction. She was unbeaten in the Show ring and was a very poplar Grand Champion at UK Dairy Expo earlier in the year. She was sired by Vindication and bred from an EX92 Duncan Barber who produced almost 11,000kgs as a seven year old.

In the build up to UK Dairy Day one of the most anticipated and talked about cows was Mikali Seaver D Erle owned by the Wright family from Kendal, Cumbria. Erle had stormed to victory at the Great Yorkshire show in July and had gained many fans. Her Doorman daughter attracted worldwide interest and sold for 11,500 to RD Fleming Hillhead Farm, Kirkpatrick Fleming and the Roan Family Boreland of Colvend Farm, Dalbeattie.

The sale had included special animals from all of the dairy breeds and it was a unique pedigree and very fancy Ayrshire heifer that again had attracted International interest this time from the USA. Glenwood Dreamer Irene was sired by Nexus Dreamer and bred from an Excellent Ravenhill Snowfire dam who gave almost 10,000kgs as a two year old. She was consigned by Sam Wadsworth Glenwood Farm, Lisburn and sold for 6,800 to Creech Hill Partnership Creech Hill Farm, Somerset.

Matthew Isles and Absolute Genetics sold Sunnybanks Absolute Adeen for 5,000 to P Robinson Wood Hey Hall, Cheshire. Adeen was sired by Windbrook and bred from Absolute Goldwyn Adeen who placed second Junior two year old at the Great Yorkshire Show in July. The full sister to the dam is Holmland Goldwyn Adeen who topped the Holmland dispersal at 15,000gns and placed second five year old just an hour prior to the sale.

Also selling for 5,000 was Wyndford Brokaw Erle consigned by W. Maddocks Ltd Chadwell Grange Shropshire. She was an immensely stylish black heifer that has the potential to very well in the show ring following in the foot steps of her dam Wyndford Goldwyn Erle has been twice Reserve Grand Champion at the Royal Welsh and twice Reserve All Britain. She was purchased by a client from Holland.

WISH team up for paralyzed IMPD officer

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) Cops and donuts. The stereotype is played out in so many ways in movies and on TV. Now, WISH TV is using cops and donuts to help raise money for severely injured police officers.

It all happens Wednesday, July 15. WISH TV will be live at Jack Donuts in Carmel, and all Jack locations will be collecting funds that day. Come have coffee with a cop and help support the Code One: Helping Heroes Fund, all at the same time.

In June 2012, Officer Cortez was hit by a drunk driver. He was paralyzed as a result of the crash. After dozens of surgeries, Cortez is recovering at home a cramped, wholesale jerseys from china three bedroom apartment for the family of six.

MORE: Read more about the launch of the Code One Fund and how it will help the Cortez family

Jack Donuts will have pre packed boxes of donuts available outside the Carmel shop Wednesday morning. Thirtypercent of each box will go to Code One, while supplies last. Jack Donuts is located at 516 Carmel Drive in Carmel.

Also available will be Indy Style Blend coffee. One hundred percentof all sales from the Indy Style coffee sold outside will go to Code One. that morning will go to Code One as well. They also making a special Code One themed donut. One hundred percent of the sales from the Code One themed donut will go to Code One

If you can make it to the Carmel location, there will be cans in each store for people to donate.

If you miss out, you can still donate.

The Indianapolis Police Foundation serves police officers in central Indiana with the goal to and serve those who protect and serve. has already raised $34,000to build the home for Officer Cortez. The goal is to raise$200,000. In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. If you see an inappropriate comment, please flag it for our moderators to review.

Protests continue at Yaletown store that no longer sells fur with video

The owner of a Yaletown clothing store that has been besieged by weekly protests since November faced another protest Friday night, and even a rock star showed up.

Brooklyn Clothing’s Jason Overbo said he hasn’t sold any fur in his store for more than four months, but members of the Vancouver Animal Defence League have been chanting outside the store at 418 Davie at least once a week since last year. canada goose sale At Friday night’s protest Brian May, guitarist with rock band Queen, stopped his vehicle outside and offered verbal support to the protesters.

The group is protesting against the store selling clothing with fur from coyotes, foxes and raccoon dogs, and say they will continue to do so until the shop commits to a fur free policy.

“They know I don’t have any fur,” Overbo said about the protesters. “That’s not to say I won’t in future.

“There is no question in my mind they will continue protesting. You asked me what the issue is: The issue is ‘Keep it legal and keep it respectful.'”

Chants by protests include: “There is no excuse for animal abuse,” “That’s not fashion, that’s animal cruelty,” and “When Canadian wildlife is under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back.” Chants continue at the site for two hours each time.

Vancouver Police have said that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows for individuals to protest. So far, no protesters have been arrested or charged as a result of demonstrations held outside Brooklyn Clothing.

Overbo said he thinks society has become so “politically correct” that it has become acceptable to use “terror tactics on an entire neighbourhood” rather than talking to politicians to repeal laws.

“When did it become cool to scream at someone to affect change?” he said.

Overbo said the protesters want him to sign a document giving up his right to sell fur. He said he wouldn’t do that.

However, Megan Griffin, a VADL volunteer, said no one from her group has ever asked for Overbo to sign such a pledge.

Griffin said if Overbo told protesters that he wasn’t going to sell fur any longer but didn’t want to make a big deal about it, the VADL would be fine with that.

“At some point, we have to trust people that they won’t lie,” she said.

“Then we go back and check and if they renege, we start the protest again. We try to make it as easy as possible. If he wanted to give us a verbal agreement, that would be sufficient, for sure.”

In Canada, trapping is legal across the country. The use of killing and restraining traps is regulated under an Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards. According to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, the agreement prohibits jaw type leghold traps but allows other traps that can cause an “animal to suffer great stress and pain.” Some killing traps, the CFHS says, don’t cause instant death and allow animals to struggle for up to five minutes. The standards allow another 20 per cent of animals in kill traps to struggle in pain beyond that five minute limit.

For Griffin and her fellow volunteers with the VADL, leghold traps are an unacceptable way to kill an animal. She said the trap slams shut and breaks the bones in an animal’s leg. In some cases, the animal becomes so desperate, it chews off its own limb. If the animal isn’t killed by the trap, it is clubbed to death once the trapper arrives.

“This is not something that is slightly offensive,” Griffin said. “This is horrid animal cruelty. This is some of the worst animal cruelty.”

Early this year, Griffin’s group claimed success against Grouse Mountain by pressuring the tourist destination to go fur free. http://www.51canadagoosereview.top/ An article on the VADL’s website claims the resort stopped selling fur products after months of a pressure campaign and just before a protest was set to begin Jan. 7.

An official from Grouse Mountain, however, wouldn’t confirm whether VADL’s actions had any effect.

“Any decision we made to not carry or discontinue or not order for the end of the season or upcoming season was completely independently decided by us,” said Jacqueline Blackwell, manager of public relations.

“Late last year, I believe, we sold out of our existing inventory. To my knowledge, we don’t have any fur products for sale right now.”

One company that isn’t reluctant to talk about its coyote fur products is Canada Goose. The company’s fur lined jackets were among the products being sold earlier this year at Brooklyn Clothing.

Kevin Spreekmeester, Canada Goose’s senior vice president of global marketing, said his company uses leghold traps but disputed the accuracy of images shown by animal rights activists.

“They tend to be a little bit sensationalist in that they want to gather support,” he said from Toronto.

“They show the old fashioned steel toothed traps they look a little bit frightening. In fact, today, those traps have been outlawed for many years in Canada and many parts of the world.”

He said the type of leg hold traps used today are the same ones used to catch and move wild animals from one area to another.

1875 Seward Avenue Naples FL 34109 239-596-3610