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Fall Special on PoolPilot Digital Nano Salt System (AutoPilot)

September 27th, 2010

Fall Special on the Nano, only $799.00 installed!!!!!   Handles up to 20K Gallons of water.

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Recreational Warehouse, Ft. Myers, Ad Misleads Consumers

June 23rd, 2010

A recent advertisement on local radio stations about salt system (chlorine generators) is very misleading to the consumer.

The ad claims “install it, set it, and forget it.”

We have written about this before, on this site, and previously explained why it is not necessarily true.  ReadHere

With a salt system, you may not have to lug 2.5 gallon jugs of chlorine/bleach back to your pool.  Now you will just have lug 40lb. bags of salt back and forth!!!!  Maybe not as often, but keep that account open at the pool supply store!   It will also be important to keep a close eye on PH and Alkalinity, since the chlorination process via the cell makes that part of your water chemistry even harder to manage than if you were using traditional chemicals.  This, along with stabilizer to lock the chlorine in, will have to be tested for and adjusted using the same store-bought chemicals that you were probably using before.

More importantly, the rate of output on the chlorine generator will always have to be adjusted up and down, as the weather conditions and bather load change.  “set it and forget it” will almost certainly lead the cell being run too much or not enough.  So, periodically you will still need to test the chlorine level in the water to decide if you need to increase or lower output.

Also, the cell needs to be removed and cleaned after a certain amount of run time.  Make sure that is a responsibility that you can handle!!

Finally, you need to watch your salt level.  Too low will make the cell shut down and not produce.  Too much will again shut down the cell to keep it from being damaged by the high salt content.  It takes some diciplined monitoring to stay within this range.  I’ve gone out to salt pools before that were green.  There was no chlorine.  I told the homeowner that the salt level was too low.  Their answer was “I have to add salt?”

Now that salt pools are more common, many side effects have come to the forefront, mostly related to staining.  There are things that you can install with the salt system to prevent certain types of staining, but most of the staining happens when people don’t understand what they are dealing with. 


Pool Service Naples, FL Anti-Entrapment Devices

March 5th, 2010

Vacless Electrical Breathers provide immediate vacuum relief upon entrapment by allowing atmospheric air to rapidly fill the pump pot while simultaneously turning off the pump. 

We have written to you in the past regarding the risks present in all pools fitted with standard main drain covers. Many of you had your main drain covers replaced with The Anti-Snare Drain Covers of 2006 and 2007.

Today there are a lot more options for preventing entrapment and many of them have been improved to have less affect on the flow of your filter and will not take away from the performance of the rest of your equipment.  

     Most of the recent federal legislation is directed primarily at public pools and new construction, so there are many homeowners that are not required to address these issues, but perhaps should.

We encourage you read about these products and consider having us install them.  Many insurance companies are starting to require them or at least offer discounts and credits when they know the homeowner has made this improvement to their pool or spa.

 E-mail us for quotes and more information (

We buy old pool heaters and pool heat pumps!!!

February 25th, 2010

Not only will we come and pick it up at your location, but we will also pay your for it!!!! 

Pick-up is guaranteed in 48 hours or less, for most zipcodes in Collier County and Bonita Springs.

Contact us at 239-596-3610 or e-mail

Get rid of the junk without the hassle!!!

Get rid of the junk without the hassle!!!

Pool Covers, Solar/Heat Blankets

February 17th, 2010

Get a solar blanket or heat blanket (covers) delivered and keep out the cold!!!  Right now we are offering free delivery to our primary service areas.

Solar Cover, Heat Blanket

Solar Cover, Heat Blanket

 Contact us at to schedule next day delivery!!!

This is the standard blue, 5-year material.  Easy to pull on and off the pool. 

12×28                    $109.00 + tax  (delivered)

14×28                    $129.00 + tax (delivered)

Pool Service in Naples, FL

January 27th, 2010

Why did my pump/motor go out? 

The average lifespan of an electric pump motor can depend on many variables, so it can be difficult to determine one single reason for pump failure. 

These are some of the most common reasons why a motor may fail earlier than average.


  1. The single most common reason for pump failure in any climate is bad environment.  Many homeowners do not realize how long their pool equipment is in the sun, or they may not be aware of a sprinkler nearby or run-off from the roof during heavy rain.  But for the most part, the shadier and drier the environment, the slower the motor will rust and corrode and eventually fail.  Rust, corrosion or warping of the outer shell of the motor is tell tale sign of this.  It also may come from underneath, if too much ground or debris is allowed to build up around or underneath your pool equipment.  Always keep the bushes and other growth away from you equipment pad by trimming them back on a regular basis.
  2. Seal damage will occur whenever the pump is allowed run dry for an extended period of time.  The internal parts of the pump will heat up and the shaft seal will break down, which prevents the pool water from entering the shaft and bearings that are driving the impellor.  Once the seal is fails, it is only a matter of time before the motor fails.
  3. Distance from pool equipment.  Obviously, the farther the water has to go, the more work the pump will do.
  4. Height of pool, in relation to pool equipment, or other factors that increase back pressure or resistance to flow.  Sometimes, pools or their equipment are placed above ground level, while the other is not.  This will always create more work for the pool pump as well. 
  5. Solar panels.  Pumping the water to the roof, against gravity, always leads to a shorter lifespan.  This is why we encourage people to keep their solar off, when it is not needed.   It is also important to have the appropriate horsepower when there is solar heat vs. not having solar heat.
  6. Bad filtration or plumbing.  This is why it is important to regularly change filters and backwash, especially in the case where you have a cartridge filter.  While plumbing the pool and it’s equipment is often up to the builder, how efficiently this is done can make a huge difference to the homeowners pocket several years down the road.  Also, just because your cartridge looks clean, does not mean that it is good for your pump.  Always know your filter’s “starting pressure.”  This is the reading you get on the pressure gauge with no cartridge in the filter.  If your clean filter is causing that pressure to increase by more than 5 psi, you should probably get a new one.  Never use the same filter cartridge for more than 2-3 years.

Bringing Pools Back to Life

October 20th, 2009


Ever wondered what happens to all of these pools at homes that have been in foreclosure or abandoned for years at a time?  We got this one going recently after it had not run for a very long time!!!

The pool was completely covered by a protective barrier, per county code enforcement.   It also had no pump and filter, so we needed to build a new set of equipment, as well!!!!!





       The algae was obviously pretty thick.  Believe it or not, we never had to drain this pool. 

Some experienced methods and special filters aids allowed us to clear up the existing water, after only about 4 days!!!!!







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